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Income and Retirement Distribution specialists who focus on Social Security Planning and Taxes in Retirement. We work together to create a strategy that provides you income for the lifetime of your retirement.


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Greene Point Advisors

Greene Point can guide your financial journey.

Our greatest pride comes with assisting our clients to make sound financial decisions through education and examination of common financial topics. There is always more than one way to accomplish any financial goal; however, some ways are inherently more efficient than others.


We carefully create a roadmap to and through retirement for each one of our clients that takes into account taxes, inflation, expenses, Social Security, market corrections, Long term care events, medical costs, Medicare, legacy planning, and RMD’s. We help our clients take the proper steps to help them retire when they want and at the same standard of living, they enjoy during their working years. To achieve this, we sit down with our clients to make sure what they want to have happen, will happen, regardless if they’re here to see it happen. We carefully listen to your goals and dreams and with the utilization of comprehensive financial planning software provide you with a roadmap.



How can Greene Point Partners help with your Financial Strategy?

Every client has unique financial needs. Even if you don’t see a service you’re looking for on our site, give us a call and ask us anything you’d like.


Making financial plans in preparation for your retirement can result in a more enjoyable retirement. Retirement Income Planning incorporates all capabilities within our wealth management services to ensure that your current and future needs are taken care of.


Our representatives offer a wide range of products with an even wider range of benefits to you and your family. What’s your long-term strategy when it comes to your finances?


Estate owners have various wishes for when they pass on their estate. These can range from making sure the estate passes to intended beneficiaries to paying the least amount of taxes and avoiding probate.

*We do not offer tax or legal advice*


With the costs of tuition rising, planning effectively for paying college tuition has never been more important. While working with our financial representatives, you can put together a strategy that will help bring you financial assurance when your family is ready to take on that next life adventure.


Social Security planning can be the most important cornerstone of your retirement income strategy. Our Social Security software allows us to quickly analyze, compare and see the possibilities of your election strategies. Together we will explore and identify the filing option that is most appropriate for your unique situation.


The Medicare process can be extremely confusing and complex. Without a knowledgeable and trusted advocate, it’s easy to get lost in the current Medicare marketplace. With our experience and expertise, we will assist you in navigating the complexities of the Medicare transition process every step of the way with personalized advice and recommendations.

Whether you’re enrolling for the first time or reconsidering your current Medicare plan, Green Point Partners offers personal assistance to help you find the plan that provides the coverage you need.


We will assess and manage asset class exposures, investment due diligence and rebalancing process with the goal of minimizing costs, maximizing total return, and structuring your financial portfolio to keep you on track toward your goals.


We provide guidance and solutions that help business owners evaluate current plans, or create a new one, to ensure employers and employees alike are getting maximum value from their employer sponsored retirement plan.


Complimentary Retirement Resources


5 Things About Social Security Whitepaper

One of the biggest mistakes today’s retirees can make is to underestimate how important Social Security is to their retirement income strategies. 5 Things Retirees Should Know about Social Security covers information your clients can't afford to ignore.


Sequence of Returns: How Can it Affect Your Retirement?

Timing is everything in retirement. If your client has an unfortunate sequence of returns in their investment portfolio, it could be devastating. Download this short whitepaper to share with clients so they understand the sequence of returns risk they face, while highlighting the importance of mitigating risks with proper planning.


2021 Tax Landscape

With 2020 behind us, a new tax landscape is on the way as we look toward 2021. We’ve compiled key items to facilitate discussions around changes and opportunities your clients may face this year. With a few proactive measures, incorporating tax preparations in your clients’ financial plans will help them save more efficiently and effectively.


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