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Greene Point Advisors

Greene Point can guide your financial journey.

Our greatest pride comes with assisting our clients to make sound financial decisions through education and examination of common financial topics. There is always more than one way to accomplish any financial goal; however, some ways are inherently more efficient than others.


We carefully create a roadmap to and through retirement for each one of our clients that takes into account taxes, inflation, expenses, Social Security, market corrections, Long term care events, medical costs, Medicare, legacy planning, and RMD’s. We help our clients take the proper steps to help them retire when they want and at the same standard of living, they enjoy during their working years. To achieve this, we sit down with our clients to better understand what they want to have happen and then we work diligently to make sure it will happen, regardless if they're here to see it happen.We carefully listen to your goals and dreams and with the utilization of comprehensive financial planning software provide you with a roadmap.


How can Greene Point Partners help with your Financial Strategy?

You've dreamed about it, and you've fantasized about the days when your time can truly be your own. But now, as retirement is coming faster with the close of each workday, are you ready?  If you're like many people who come see us, you may have some doubts about whether you're prepared to leave your steady paycheck behind. Or maybe you just want reassurance that your current strategy is leading you where you want to go.



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Avoid common (and expensive) rollover mistakes and show you how you can use your 401(k) rollover as an opportunity to help your retirement preparations. Download your complimentary guide today!


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